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Saturday, September 09, 2006

My Daddy

I just wanted to post and talk about my daddy because he's been constant on my mind. This picture was taken on my 18th birthday, September 18, 1986. My dad past away last year March 7, 2005. I miss him dearly. My father was a GREAT MAN. He was a wonderful father, husband and entrepenuer. My father was very successful. When things were against him when it came to providing for his family he stepped out on faith and in 1982 open his own video business (remember "BETA" movies, lol). Within two years my father opened up seven stores in the Chicagoland/Suburban area. Not only I looked up to my dad, but my friends did as well. My father was EVERYBODY'S father. One thing, I admired about my father was helping people. He was a humble and caring man. He helped so many people. To this day, I run into alot of people and they tell me how my faher helped them get a job, got them off the streets, etc. It made me feel proud. I thank God for having such a wonderful man raise, nuture and make me the woman I am today. I started my own business a couple of years ago and since my father's passing, I stopped. I'm taking classes to re-start and further my business because I know that's what my father would want me to do, but it is hard to have someone that has been in your life for 37 years and they are no longer there but I know that I will see my father again. My father died of kidney failure. He was on dialysis for 20 years. The life expectancy is 5-10 years. My father was rare to last that long and I'm very thankful. Two things my father wanted to witness was me getting married (my father past away 3 months prior to my wedding, but he gave his blessings) and see my son (his namesake) graduate but I know he was looking down and smiling. One song that reminds me of my dad is the song "Daddy" by Beyonce. It really helps me alot to be blessed to have had a wonderful man in my life. There is no one else like my Daddy.


Blogger Goodnapps said...

Based on your tribute, I can see
your dad was definitely a great man and you've got plenty stories
to share with your children.

2:26 PM  
Blogger cheleskilove said...

ahhh daddy's girl, me too.congrats on your retightening!!!!!!yeyeyeye

11:28 AM  
Blogger Tra said...

That was very touching. It is truly awesome when a girl and grow into a woman with a great man on her side from birth. That is what true father's do!

4:18 PM  
Blogger KDL said...

What a wonderful tribute to your father. I know a thing or two about loss myself. My grandmother passed March of this year and there's not a day that goes by when I don't have a thought of her. Losing her inspired me to reach some of my own personal goals--I opened my own business and recommitted to a total health approach. Best wishes in your endeavors and hugs for your healing!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good afternoon,

I must say that I read Sisterlock blogs all the time. I check each week to see what's going on. I stopped in my tracks when I came across your tribute to your Father. I was getting through the first paragraph when I noticed the date, March 7, 2005. My Mother passed away on March 7, 2005. Not only are we connected because of our Sisterlocks, we share the date when things changed forever. Hang in there. I am going back to read the tribute, but I just wanted you to know that I understand where you are coming from. Sisterlocked in Plano, Texas.

2:03 PM  
Blogger sisterlockedlondon said...

A nice tribute. My mother passed last year, 4th October 2005. Getting through is tough, but healing takes time. As I approach her first anniversary, I can only think of the good things in life. Mum was diagnosed with skin cancer in May last year, so only lasted 5 months.

8:40 AM  
Blogger Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

What a tear jerker! I love your tribute and HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO YOU!!

I've never lost a parent so this will make me call home and check more often.

I'm sure you made him a very proud father during his time on earth.

9:24 AM  

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